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Hackintosh DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 7 w/ Hazard Leopard HELP!

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Hey. Im a noob, and im trying to dual boot Hazard Snow Leopard with my Windows 7
So what im trying to do is

Dual boot it with Windows 7, I've created a 97GB new volume.
(I want to install it without losing any data on my Windows 7)

I will be following this tutorial
And I will be using this ... _by_Hazard

Will everything go right with these specs?

97GB partition for the OS X Snow Leopard
Intel Core i3 2100 processor
Asus P8H61-M LE Motherboard
8GB RAM (2x4gb)

BUT i have another problem....
i dont have a 6gb or higher dvd+rw (only 4.19gb can i burn it to a 4.19gb dvd?)
so can I use an 8gb thumbdrive throughout the whole process? pls help before I install it thx ;D
if i can use the 8gb thumbdrive, how do I burn it? pls provide me a download link for a software to burn/write it to my 8gb hard drive thx ;D

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